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Does this Stain Match My Outfit?

Does this Stain Match My Outfit?
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You've been here before. You're feeding your baby, already dressed to head out the door once he finishes, when your baby does the unthinkable.

Actually, it's not unthinkable. You've thought about what would happen if your baby just happened to splash food all over you. You just didn't think he'd turn into Rosemary's baby and spit his food at you.

Ok. Now you're ticked. That's when you ask yourself, does this stain match what I'm wearing right now? I think I can totally pull it off, you reason because you're already out in public with nothing to change into

Meanwhile, you get your ish together. You rationalize. Talk it out. Because moms can get a little crazy when they're stressed, hangry, and tired. That's when you do a few whoo-saws, wring your hands and take a nice deep breath. In and out. In and out. Because you remember that while he's being a bit of a monster rght now, he'll return to the lovable baby you adore. Soon. You hope. For God's sake!

In the meantime, your mind begins to find ways to help you cope, like helping you choose another outfit to wear, if you're still at home. Preferrably one that'll handle stains a bit better, or at least, one that when it gets stained, the stain may blend really well into the pattern of your outfit. 

For instance, if you had this Fire Tie Dye Maxi skirt, you might not worry about stains as much. All of the color variations and dark overall pattern, makes this a good choice to have when you have little mess-makers nearby.


This Cream of the Crop jumpsuit, too, may make a good one to have in your arsenal. It's fun, flirty enough to feel like the playful goddess you are, while also managing to conceal many stains due to it's very colorful floral pattern.


Or, these Culottes or nearly any one of our leggings could handle the task. Arming you with gorgeous, stain fighting capabilities.

 So the next time your little one gets that devilish gleam in his eye while you're feeding him, don't worry about it. Just smile, knowing that you're prepared for this moment. You just say, "bring it on, baby!"




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