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Ethical Decor: The Story of a Bowl

Ethical Decor: The Story of a Bowl
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When we think about home decor, or purchase anything really, we rarely stop to ask ourselves where the item in hand, actually came from, or how it was produced.

We don't think of the item as having a story. It is an object, after all. But Encantada collection of pottery and bowls collections is a ceramics workshop in Guanajuato that creates ethical home décor that is produced according fair trade standards.

These fair trade products allow consumers to purchase from producers committed to the ethical treatment of workers, particularly regarding their work environment and the payment of a livable wage to its' workers.

As global trade becomes easier, so do the opportunities for abuses, especially in areas where labor laws don't protect workers well. Because of this, many consumers are looking for ways to vote with their purchasing power.

An increasing number of people are willing to pay more for ethical home décor, especially if they can trace the items they buy back to the original creators. Crafters like those in the Encantada workshop in Guanajuato make high quality, sustainable fair trade products that, as the name suggests, delights consumers.


Fair Trade Overview


The fair trade movement exists to create acceptable labor practices throughout the world. There are ten overarching principles to which the movement is committed:


  • Transparency and accountability in business practices
  • Fair trade practices
  • Fair payment
  • Good working conditions
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Opportunities for disadvantaged workers
  • Absence of child or force labor
  • Commitment to non-discrimination practices
  • Capacity for expansion
  • Fair trade promotion across markets

 As consumers become more aware of the practices and historical failures of world trade, they embrace new ways to support fair trade

 Encantada's Story

 Encantada, a name which means "enchanted" or "charmed," is a family-owned workshop in Guanajuato. The workers create ethical home décor, such as handmade pottery. Women entrepreneurs and their male coworkers work in cooperation to produce beautiful ceramic cups, bowls, pitchers, platters and other pieces. Everything from the designs hand-painted onto the unfired ceramic by the women to the final product produced by the men in the kilns is the result of over 40 years of experience.

While worldwide trade still has a long way to go, the efforts of fair trade proponents are making progress. It is getting easier and easier to find ethical home décor.

Thankfully, today's consumers are willing to pay a little more to know that the talented workers who create their products are paid a livable wage in favorable working conditions, to do so. Consumers, are in fact, more empowered by knowledge, and in turn, have empowered artisans like those of the Encantada group to continue creating the beautiful things we love.

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