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How We're Giving Back This Mother's Day

How We're Giving Back This Mother's Day
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For weeks, you've read about our #GratitudeBox Mother's Day Campaign. Today, we finally got to the best part: delivering these packages to some very deserving NICU moms.

When we set out to do this, we had just two hospitals in mind in our local area: Duke University Hospital and Wake Med. We never thought we would end up adding Rex Hospital to the mix. But when we told the nurses and staff about our Gratitude packages they were thrilled and agreed that many mothers would like to have our packages. So we set off.

Things didn't go as planned. First of all, while well-meaning and all, we never heard back from the students who were to help us with handwritten notes, nor did we get a huge onslaught of volunteers to help deliver these packages.

Instead, me and two of my friends, gathered our strength, combined our resources, then split up. Each of us, visiting a hospital. My friends split up the packages, delivering a dozen and a half packages to Wake Med and Rex Hospitals, while I personally delivered the last 18 packages to Duke University Hospital's NICU ward, totaling our goal of 50 packages delivered. 

While neither I, nor my friends, were actually allowed to enter the NICU ward for obvious reasons--too many germs for immuno-compromised babies already struggling to thrive, patient safety, etc., we were allowed into the NICU waiting area, which is where we left the packages.

For this mom, seeing the look on her and her children's faces as they opened the packages to find well needed snacks, we think it was well worth it.



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