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Life Lessons From Fictional Characters

Life Lessons From Fictional Characters
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Life lessons comes in many forms. Sometimes, these lessons come in the least expected of places.

For instance, these fictional characters can teach us a lot about life, in general.

1. Maeve from West World: Teaches us that a mother's love can make her absolutely invincible.

Image credit: Wired

2. Arya Stark from Game of Thrones: Teaches us that we should always be careful of how we treat others because payback can be a real bitch!

Image credit: Time

3. Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones: It’s not a bad thing when people know that you’re naive. This way, they never suspect what you’re capable of. They never see you coming.

Image credit: WallPaperSite


4. Walter Mitty from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Stop dreaming about living your life. Get out there, face your fears and actually live your life!

Image credit: Variety

 5. Arnold Shortman from Hey Arnold: Reminds us to always find the good in others, to be selfless, and to help people whenever possible.

Image credit: Vox

6. Samantha Caine aka Charlene Baltimore from The Long Kiss Goodnight: Teaches us that even a badass could use a little help because no one can do everything alone.

Split Image credit: Red Lemonade


7. Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation: Teaches us that optimism, hope, and insane amounts of hard work can help you accomplish anything.

Image credit: bustle

8. Jim Halpert from The Office: Teaches us to try to see the fun side of work, as well as to never give up on love.

Image credit: Decider

9. Jenna from The Waitress: Reminds us that even when life has kicked the crap out of you, something beautiful and unexpected is waiting, so don't give up!

 Image credit: Shameless Pile of Stuff


What fictional character(s) taught you an important life lesson?


*Note: This question originally appeared on Quora.

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