Online Retail Associate


We need someone who is able to assist with online administrative duties, such as updating product images and descriptions

-helping with contest ideas and creation as well as promotion

-assisting with online order tracking and returns processing, as well as other duties as assigned.

Contest/Promotions Specialist


This position is perfect for someone who can research and craft ideas for creative and fun contests that have the potential to go viral. While contests will usually run between 5-10 days, the person in this position is expected to consistently research the best ideas for contests.

-should constantly find new and exciting ways to promote contests besides just on our social channels, including posting contests to contest promotional websites, etc.

-All ideas should have the approval of the owner. Contests will most likely run monthly. Some months may be skipped. 

Social Media Content Creator

Duties include:

-The person in this position can use our back end tools to upload high quality images to our social channels and to engage with our growing audience across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

-Engaging with audience in a professional manner that matches our brand to promote growth.

-Posts should fit the format for each unique site. For instance, special posting applies. The way you post to Facebook will look different than the way you post to Instagram, etc.