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Want to help a great cause, but you're not sure where to start? We felt that way too. With so many wonderful charities, foundations, and organizations out there, it can be overwhelming to try to help so many people on such a large scale. 

That's why instead of focusing on many grand causes, we focus, instead, on making a difference in our local community. To us, everyday is a cause. 

How we help globally:

Whenever you purchase a handcrafted item from one of our global artisan partners, you help make a positive contribution, improving the lives of impoverished women and men and their families on a global scale.

Thus, your purchase ensures that these female entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, artisans, etc. can continue to provide for their families, grow their own businesses while improving their own communities for the greater good. 

How we help locally:

We coordinate with local hospitals, including Duke University Hospital, Rex, Wake Med, and more to create and donate Care Packages for parents with babies in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and children in the Pediatrics ward. 

We encourage you to find a program that makes a positive impact in your own community today.


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