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Pomona Face Cleanser + Mask

Pomona Face Cleanser + Mask
Pomona Face Cleanser + Mask
Pomona Face Cleanser + Mask
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Pomona Face Cleanser + Mask

The Pomona Face Cleanser + Mask is a badass combination of soap-free cleansing grains AND face mask, perfect for acne-prone skin.

♥ Why buy your face masks in dry powder form? By mixing your masks as you use them, you avoid the need for preservatives. Using dry masks also gives you the opportunity to choose your liquid - aloe vera, witch hazel, diluted apple cider vinegar, coconut milk, herbal tea or just plain water are all great options and give you tons of variety from one single bottle! You can even mix with one of our

♥ PETA certified vegan + cruelty-free 

♥ Treat your skin the way it deserves. We never use sulfates, parabens, preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances.

♥ Directions: Mix a dime size amount of powder with the liquid of your choice, then rub onto face in a circular motion to gently cleanse your skin. Rinse off, or if desired, leave on until dry, then remove with warm water + washcloth.

♥ All-natural ingredients: kaolin clay, ground oats, turmeric powder, ground calendula petals (please note that turmeric is a vibrant yellow color; fair skinned ladies may want to test this powder on a less visible area of their body to ensure it doesn't temporarily stain skin.)

♥ This 4 oz Face Cleanser + Mask comes in a glass bottle made of 50% recycled glass, plus a metal lid. Please assist us by reusing or recycling this packaging!


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